AWL was formed in 2010 after members of another model club wanted to build models that were outside the remit of that club.

It was decided to form the group on a less formal basis and no controlling structure was implemented as there were only three original members.  New members are invited to the group based on their modelling ability only and each member builds models that they want to produce, the only criteria is that the model must be radio controlled and built to show standards.

This casual group structure works well and there is no financial commitment placed on any of us.  We each pay for our own accommodation at shows, our group clothing and share the cost of any purchase for the group. We attend only those shows we are able to.

Most shows are based on a particular discipline of modelling but as we model most kinds we simply take models that align with that particular event.

Our favoured shows are those that cater for general model engineering where the four current members are able to fill many square meters of table space with our favourite models.

If you click on the ‘Shows’ link above you can see gallery’s of photos taken at the various shows we attend.

This site has been structured around models from each of the current members and clicking on the images of the models will open a gallery of photos of that model. There are also pages that relate to a particular discipline of modelling to save visitors from having to troll through pages of images that hold no interest for them, just click on the navigation bar ‘Model types’ and follow the links.

Clicking on any of the photos in ‘Model types’ will open a PDF file containing information about the model

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